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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 6th March 2019
Little Hidden Farm, Hungerford ~ Scrub clearance

Our first visit to the site where the task was to help maintain the habitat for the butterflies, in particular that of the threatened Duke of Burgundy.

We were to clear a track through an area of predominately blackthorn scrub to allow tractor access to a more open area beyond which according to Des Sussex from Natural England who joined us for the day, was a sea of wild flowers in late spring and early summer. However this area needed to be mown if its value as habitat were to be maintained.

By lunchtime the task was complete but it was decided to continue working after lunch to scallop the edges. However while a good start was made a heavy shower, of which there had been a number throughout the morning, finally brought the task to a close.

The cleared track .....

..... and our destination!

Updated: Thursday, 7th March 2019
Photographs: Alan Stevens; David Hume; John Lerpiniere