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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 8th July 2015
Lough Down (NT), Streatley ~ Ragwort and thistle clearance

There appeared to be an above average level of interest in our presence when we arrived at Lough Down to help control the ragwort and creeping thistle.

Whilst the creeping thistle may be left, the ragwort must be bagged and removed from site as even in a wilted or dry state it is potentially poisonous to livestock.

Lazy Dogs were much in evidence, .....

..... they are excellent tools for removing both ragwort and thistle.

We also collected seed from Yellow Rattle which was to be sown in a meadow at nearby Basildon Park.

Despite threatening skies the weather remained mainly dry although by the afternoon there was a brisk breeze particular on the upper slopes of the site .....

..... from where there are impressive views across the Thames valley.

Volunteers for the day, Alan, Jennie, John, both Judith's, Marcus, Mike, Peter and Terry.

Created: Sunday, 12th July 2015
Photographs: Alan Stevens