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CROW (Conserve Reading on Wednesdays)
Wednesday, 7th August 2013
Brookfields School, Tilehurst ~ Wildlife garden maintenance

Overgrown pond

We've been here before was very much the feeling of the group when they arrived on site, for not only have we visited the School on many occasions but it has often been the case that the wildlife area has been in a very overgrown state and today was no exception.

Overgrown pond

Our last visit was to help to replace the pond lining and it was disappointing to find how little water there was in the pond. However it was the amount of vegetation that was making activities such as pond dipping impossible.

Volunteers set to work

However we were not daunted and soon set to work clearing the pond and cutting back the bramble and blackthorn which was encroaching on the rest of the site.

A determined volunteer

Determination was very much the order of the day as is exemplified here by Terry as he strides purposeful to collect more of the cut material to be taken to the 'composting area' at the back of the site.


A grand display of elbows signifies the task is approaching its end as we stand back to take in all that has been achieved.

Cleared path

The path leading into the woodland area which had been in danger of becoming overgrown was now clear.

Volunteers review their work

Before the new lining was installed the area at the back of the pond had tended to be a bramble thicket. This had been cleared when the new liner was installed but was showing signs of returning. The efforts of a group of enthusiastic volunteers had insured its return was delayed for at least another year.

Some of the remaining vegetation

Not all the vegetation was cleared, plants such as teasel whose seeds provide food for certain birds and even some ragwort were left. Possibly we cleared more than was necessary. One thing is certain, it will return and in all probability so will we.

Volunteers for the day: Alan, Amanda, Barry, John L, John W, Judith, Kirsty, Mary, Mike, Peter, Phil and Terry.